SANABO shall consist of three categories of members, namely:

  • Ordinary Members, which shall be those members as defined by their geopolitical areas and made up of their district structures as listed in the Constitution and as such they shall be obliged to promote, develop and participate in the sport of Boxing as well to ensure the development of boxers through constructive coaching and capacity building, e.g. Nine (9) Provinces
  • A Special Member shall be a body representative of current boxers known as the Athletes’ Commission, and established from individual boxers participating in the sport of „Open Boxing‟, as defined in this Constitution. Such Member shall at all times have direct representation on the National Executive, and shall enjoy the same voting strength as an Ordinary Geopolitical Member, irrespective of their number.
  • Associate Member/s which shall comprise of those bodies who have made application and been accepted as Associate Members to the Sport of “Open Boxing‟, and are recognised as a body specifically catering for their membership within a confined organisation and/or area, namely
  • University Sport South Africa (USSA),
  • South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and any other body duly accepted.

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