1. Direct, develop, promote, safeguard and administer the Sport of „Open Boxing‟ within South Africa. Ensure that the encouragement, promotion, development and administration of the Sport of „Open Boxing‟, whether same be at National Provincial, District and Municipality level, is carried out in accordance with the principles of non-discrimination on any grounds.


  1. To promote Open Boxing in South Africa.
  2. To provide fair competition.
  3. To provide equal opportunities at all levels.
  4. To be committed to the development of all facets of Open Boxing.
  5. To further the safety and welfare of all participants.
  6. To increase the membership base.
  7. To put structured development programs in place at grass root levels.


  1. To qualify at least five (5) boxers for the London Olympic Games. To win three (3) medals at the Olympic Games. To win at least Five (5) medals (Gold or Silver) at the Africa Boxing Championships. To increase membership. To stabilize Provincial structures. To become financially self-sufficient.To promote women boxing at all levels.